AVIGAIL MARSHA / Founder & Designer

I started my career as a graphic designer with the naive intention to “bring some harmony into the world” and here I am more than 20 years later carrying the same passion and spirit into the brands I design.

Brand design, for me, is an end-to-end journey starting with an honest, direct discussion and continued through a full design process followed by on going maintenance. I believe excellent service in our field is underrated and I consider it as one of my strongest virtues.


NURIT COHEN / Graphic Artist

I entered the graphic design world over 25 years ago, out of curiosity. I enjoy executing the graphic design in ever efficient and accurate techniques.

The relationships with our clients are of utmost important to me and I strive to maintain harmony in my daily interactions.

In my free time I love to go hiking in nature as it fills me with breathing air. I’m an avid team sport player and really enjoy social group activities.


IDAN DAMTI / Full Stack Developer

I have been building websites and writing code for over 15 years. I consider myself lucky since my work allows me to do exactly what I love to do.

The challenge that motivates me is to transform the designers’ fantasies into fully fledged, interactive websites.

I am driven by curiosity so I am constantly learning new technologies and ways to improve my work.


LEE KURZWEIL / Illustrator

I specialize in infographics and professional illustrations. I enjoy finding the best way to simplify the data and transform a concept into a visual representation.

As an illustrator for children books or magazines, I express my own interpretation to the text, adding another layer of story to the textual narrative.

I’m a daydreamer in an ongoing search for secret doors and hidden passageways that lead to the core of the universe digging for smiles and burying old habits.


IDAN ZALINGER / 3D Designer & Animator

I have drawn, painted and designed since the day I could hold a pencil and I love making the imaginary real.

I have been working as a 3D animator for the past 15 years. My experience ranges between 3D product models and 3D animated clips.

I believe the essence of every creation lies in its basic story. Therefore, in order to leave an impression on the viewer I devote a great deal of attention to developing a good story.